The 2019 Annual ShanghaiTech Symposium on Information Science and Technology (ASSIST) was held in ShanghaiTech from June 30th to July 2nd, 2019. The workshop covered a large number of topics in Electrical Egineering, Computer Science, Information Engineering and Computational Mathematics.

Specifically, the power and energy session of ASSIST was held on July 2nd, 2019. The session is hosted by the Center for Advanced Power and Energy Systems (CAPES) in SIST. This year the power session focuses on fault diagnosis in power and energy systems. Faults may occur in a large number of complex systems. Advanced fault diagnosis methods are therefore of great importance due to the increasing requirements of system reliability. The session invites speakers from different areas (power systems, power electronics, and electric machinery) to share their expert insights into detecting and dealing with faults. Invited speakers include Dr. C.K. Michael Tse from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Dr. Patrick Luk from Cranfield University, Dr. Wei Qiao from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dr. Pinjia Zhang from Tsinghua University, and Dr. Ke Ma from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Dr. Yu Liu from PSPAL is the chair of the session.

At the end of the workshop, the speakers and other participants of the power session visited CAPES and PSPAL.

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