On Oct 24 2018, IEEE Life Fellow Dr. Ron J Patton, invited by Dr. Junrui Liang in the Center for Advanced Power and Energy Systems (CAPES), gave a seminar in SIST about his latest interdisciplinary study on ocean wave energy and its control problem. The title of the seminar is 'Modeling, Verification, Control and Co-Design of a Wave Energy Converter'. During the talk, Dr. Patton demonstrated the importance of 'co-design' concept between Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter (PAWEC) geometry and external Power Take-Off (PTO) damping, to achieve optimal power conversion.

After the seminar, Dr. Patton visited PSPAL. Dr. Yu Liu and students in PSPAL introduced the ongoing research about power system/power electronics system fault diagnosis as well as the hardware-in-the-loop simulation platform in the group. Dr. Patton gave some valuable suggestions on future research directions. Afterwards, they discussed possible future collaborations.

Dr. Ron J Patton graduated at Sheffield University with BEng, Meng, PhD degrees in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Control Systems. He holds the Chair in Control & Intelligent Systems Engineering at Hull University and has made a substantial contribution during 35 years to the field of modelling and Robust methods for FDI/FDD (fault detection and isolation/fault detection and diagnosis) and Fault-Tolerant Control (FTC) in dynamic systems. He has Hirsch Index h_58 and is author of 428 papers, including 138 journal papers and 5 books. Ron serves on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and is Subject Editor in System Supervision: Fault-tolerant Control & Diagnosis for the Wiley Journal of Adaptive Control & Signal Processing. He has served on editorial boards of several other Journals in control engineering. Ron chaired the International Programme Committees for IFAC Safeprocess’97, UKACC Control’98 and Med’08. He chaired the IFAC Technical Committee on Safety & Supervision of Technical Processes [1996-2002] and served as vice-chair of the IFAC Policy Committee [2008-2011]. For the EC he was rapporteur in 1995 for the committee reporting on the need for European research on Control in Embedded Systems. Ron coordinated the EU research projects IQ2FD [1997-2000] and DAMADICS -2000-2004] and contributed to FP6 NeCST [2004-2007] and FP7 ADDSAFE [2010-2013]. His work has been supported in the UK by 13 research grants. Current research interests are: Robust multiple-model and de-centralized strategies for FDI/FDD & FTC and Renewable Energy including load mitigation control for offshore wind turbines and wave to wire control of wave energy conversion. He is Life Fellow of IEEE, Senior Member of AIAA and Fellow of the Institute of Measurement and Control.