The third colloquium of the Center for Advanced Power and Energy Systems (CAPES) was held on Sep 19, 2018. This is a monthly event where we invite students and experts in the area of power and energy to give presentations about their research.

Today the presenter is Mr. Binglin Wang from PSPAL. He gave a talk on his research: HVDC Transmission Line Protection based on Dynamic State Estimation.

After the presentation, the audience discussed with the presenter about the details of his research.

Binglin Wang received his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Control from Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an, China. He is presently a graduate student in Power System Protection and Automation Laboratory (PSPAL), SIST. His research interests include HVAC and HVDC transmission line protection, fault locating and control algorithms.

The abstract of this talk is as follows. In recent years, high voltage direct current (HVDC) system has been increasingly valued, because it is expensive and suffers lower electrical losses for long-distance transmission. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the HVDC system, relay protection algorithm for transmission line is of great significance. This talk will firstly give a brief review of the existing protection method for the HVDC transmission system. Afterwards, a novel dynamic state estimation (DSE) based protection method is proposed. The performance of the protection method is demonstrated in numerical simulation with several typical fault cases. And the results about reliability, selectivity, speed and sensitivity of protection method will be discussed.